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Debenhams PLC is a multinational department store, founded in 1778, with over 240 stores across 27 countries. I have recently finished carrying out a placement year, based at the Debenhams headquarters in London, as a full-time Junior Designer in the Digital Design team.

My role involved creating visual content for www.debenhams.com and international pages. I reguarly used Photoshop to design content (such as banners) to use across the website, including homepage, mobile and style edits.

Halfway through my placement, I switched to the email design team, where I used a combination of Photoshop and Taxi to design emails that were sent out to milllions of customers.

deb-email-4 deb-email-1 deb-email-2 deb-email-3

All above images owned by Debenhams.

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WATB Mural

WATB is a close-knit creative team of designers and web developers based in West Sussex. For 3 months during the summer, I spent 2 days a week carrying out work experience at the agency. After a couple of weeks, I got the incredible opportunity to illustrate a mural for their office.

wall-1 wall-2

I began the project by carrying out some research with the team and discussing the concepts that they wanted. From there, I developed a collection of illustrations that represents the company, which included pieces to symbolize their clients and inside jokes.

wall-3 wall-4

The end result I am extremely happy with! It’s such a unique opportunity to see my illustrations blown up across a huge wall, and I’ve definitely left my footprint in the WATB office.

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Kent Union

Kent Union was set up in 1965 and has an outreach of over 20,000 students. I worked for the charity for 9 months as a part time assistant designer during my second year of study. I worked with the lead graphic designer to create material for both print and web, which is distributed across two campuses’ outlets, including bars, clubs, food stores and cafés.

ku-2 ku-4 ku-5 ku-3 ku-1
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Cats Protection

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, which helped over 205,000 cats and kittens through their national network last year alone. My role as graphic designer for the Canterbury branch includes creating posters for events and visual content for social media. I also photograph and help out at local events.

cp-1 cp-2 cp-3

During my time as a volunteer here, which has been for just over a year now, I have redesigned the branch’s newsletter, and now update it three times a year. The new design has attracted attention from other branches, who have asked for templates and design advice. I also got the opportunity to design an advert that was published in a local newspaper.


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GoThinkBig is a national company that was launched by O2 and Bauer Media in 2012 to help people achieve their career dreams. During my seven weeks as a freelance graphic designer there, I worked with the editorial team, designing header images for articles published on the GoThinkBig website, as well as graphics within them (such as paragraph headings and photo collages).

gtb-1 gtb-2 gtb-3
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I have a passion for illustration. Having always loved creating characters and stories since I was very little, it is no surprise that I have grown to have a strong interest in visual development.

illustrations-1 illustrations-2 illustrations-3

The Student Pocket Guide, an award-winning media company, approached me to illustrate an article in their national magazine.

illustrations-4 illustrations-5

I also love creating fan art!

illustrations-6 illustrations-7
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During my time at the creative agency WATB, I developed so many different creative skills, and completed projects for their clients. Below are some of the graphic projects I got involved with.

watb-1 watb-2 watb-3
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Mantra Magazines Advert

Mantra Magazines publishes 6 local magazines monthly. I was approached by the director and given a freelance role to design an advert to promote a new service offered by the company. I designed a full and half page advert for the RH Uncovered series, which is distributed to over 28,000 homes each month.

mantra-1 mantra-2

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Freelance Photography

In the past year, I have had a few freelance photography projects. Firstly, I was the official photographer for two Kent Dance society events, including an annual show and an awards ceremony

freelance-1 freelance-2 freelance-3

During univeristy, I spent some time working for Creative Campus, a scheme that aims to make the University of Kent’s campus a highly creative place to work, study, play and visit. I photograph events, interview its participants and then publish them on the Creative Campus website using Adobe Dreamweaver.

freelance-4 freelance-5

I currently take photos for rosther.uk, a start up fashion blog. Having not had much experience taking photos for fashion shoots, this was a fantastic and exciting new experience for me. I grew a lot of confidence in directing to get the photographic compositions I envisioned.

fashion-1 fashion-2 fashion-3
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Thortful Cards

I was approached by Thortful to be one of the first creators of their start-up online card business. I wanted my cards to be fun, playful, and full of images I had illustrated. They are all currently available to purchase on the Thortful app.

thortful-1 thortful-2 thortful-3 thortful-4
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Branding Projects

I completed a two-week project placement for Medway Council, completely rebranding the Onside Therapy Service. Consulting the therapy team, I solely designed a new logo and brand for the company. I redesigned a lot of the old files and created a style guide so that the new brand’s style could be repeated for future content.

onside-1 onside-2

'The Mod Belt' branding was a short project I did for a friend. I created a logo and some visual content that could be put in a presentation to demonstrate the product.

mod-1 mod-2 mod-3
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Experimental Photography

One of my favourite hobbies is photography. I love experimenting with settings to improve my skills. I post a lot of my work to Flickr.

experimental-photography-1 experimental-photography-2 experimental-photography-3 experimental-photography-4 experimental-photography-5

About Me

I am a graphic designer who can draw great illustrations, take good photos, build cool websites and make exciting films.

Art, story-telling and creation has always inspired me from a young age when my favourite thing to do was draw. After enjoying designing some event posters for sixth form, I began volunteering as a graphic designer for Cats Protection.

My first job came soon after as I began working as a freelance graphic designer for a company in London. I have since designed and illustrated a number of projects, which range from magazine adverts and websites, to designing a mural for an office.

I have additionally completed a year-long full-time placement as a Digital Designer at Debenhams PLC. Based in their head office in London, it was my role to design content for the company's website, as well as create marketing emails.

So far I have loved every minute of my creative journey, and I cannot wait to find out what’s coming up next! If you want to be a part of it, check out my contact details below.

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